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Quakefag reports: Shetlands still shaking around this morning…

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Just a little FYI, 7 quakes at South Shetland islands now( Have to include "south" in there because brittish fag cant read the images apparently, nigga forgot to talk in meme so bots fail)

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another one just popped up at south shetlands islands in front of my eyes a few seconds ago

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the only quake on the map that isnt near a fault line, when opened on google maps shows a large area avoided by google street view…you guys know what that means…theres some secret shit here

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That 6.9 set it off.

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another one at 5.5 magnitude KEK

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new stuff showing up in texas and Nevada now

anons please keep tabs on this quake map, as i will have to go to work soon

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baker eyes on

more booms in areas of states with no google street view..blue lines on the map are available street views positions..the whole area is dark

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of course its fucking real


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its incredible…3 quakes, and they all know to happen in areas where google street view is blocked