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#16207 @200, >>12693674

>>12693775 Oh look, Seattle BLM already showed up to Tacoma

>>12693790 Newly Declassified McCabe Documents Just Released

>>12693833 COZY! WashPost 'Fact Checker' Admits They Won't Count Biden's False Claims (its pronounced 'comfy' but I'll let it slide)

>>12693851 Rampant Speculation Over How Biden Will Replace the Mysterious Red Button Suddenly Missing From Oval Office

>>12693863 Portland Leftists Targeting Federal ICE Facility in Late Night ‘Protest’

>>12693888 Instagram Is Forcing Users to Follow Biden White House Account So That It’s Not So Pathetic Even When Users Repeatedly Un-Follow the Page

>>12693931 Contact These Arizona Officials to Demand a Deep Dive Audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County Election Results!