If you haven't realized it yet, the baker war is perpetuated by a person/group of shills. It's extremely easy to fake a baker war if you have access to multiple IPs or devices. Barkeep uses this opportunity to eat up a majority of the bred by arguing with himself then lending himself credibility through the actions of BV backing him up. The same BV who always happens to be around to lock breads/prevent handoffs to anyone but their group. It's easy to justify not handing off to an anon when they can just claim that it's always gerbil asking for the hand-off. Why do you think barkeep notables gerbil's shit? They're doing it to reinforce the idea of an ongoing war that barkeep is the hero of.

Also note how "gerbil" is constantly ip hopping after 1-2 posts just like the shill on Jan 6th who was doing the same shit to spam the board asking for justice after that chick got shot. The point is they're all on the same team and it's one of their tactics to slide breds and disrupt the board.