General Michael Flynn's first interview since being pardoned

[30 mins of Michael Flynn, followed by Gen. McEnerny plus and Mary Fanning, Alan Jones

WVW Broadcast Network]

Gen. Flynn's opening remarks

What's happening in this country should never happen….and we're going thru…a crucible of history. And If we don't correct what's happening right - over the next couple of weeks - then I really hate to think what will happen to our country going forward in the latter part of December and certainly into the next month.

I do not believe for a second that the country will accept VP Biden as the next president, based on what we know to be probably the greatest fraud that our country has ever experienced in our history….I'm right in the middle of it right now and I mean to tell you that, first of all, the President has clear paths to victory….requires a lot of honesty out of election officials….

Not just the swing states, but many, many other states….

Frankly, [the president] is gonna win [the swing states]….There's no doubt in my mind that he won this election hands down in a landslide. What we have seen over the last two decades….is a complete shift in how fast that…Communist China decided….to move up their plans to becomes the sole global super power on the planet….after 2016, they were not gonna allow 2020 to happen. Now what we have is theft with mail-in ballots, Smartmatic software….these are systems not owned by this country.

As the United States of America, how can we say we accept a system not made in this country? And the ballots are not tallied in this country? The one most precious thing that makes me the same as the wealthiest…or poorest…person…what makes us equal - is [that]….my vote matters the same. That's why this has to be fair and free - and it was not….

We are not in this to lose these battles….we have the right people, the right plan and strategy….I'm anxious…because I just cannot believe the media and censorship that is going on. Look at what they do to the United States of America. It's an abomination of our freedom of speech….

The hearing they had in PA the other day - it was…extraordinary….the individual who ran it gave a really good short summary speech, "we can't allow this to happen in our country."….And what did Twitter do? Took him offline immediately…so people couldn't follow this guy…..

I'm upset, I am determined, I'm going to be resilient. And I believe I reflect millions and millions of people across this country….