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Explosive interview.

Easy to see why this was removed from YT - this general says that DJT should not leave office until this matter is resolved.

Two Mikes Interview of General McInerney

(Dr. Michael Scheur, Colonel Mike)


25 minutes

Key topic: a sworn stmt by a high level intel guy, Navid Keshavarz-Nia . Everything the general talks about comes from that source.

- Info is from Sidney Powell's new lawsuits against the states of GA and MI. [his sworn statement - see BELOW, also attached]

- This intel officer verified Hammer and Scorecard for Sidney - the alliance between Dominion/Scytl and Smartmatic software plus Hammer/Scorecard.

- There was the fraudulent manipulation of the machines.

- Talks about voting counting being stopped by battleground states (GA, PA, AZ, WISC, and MI.

- Reflects prior coordination between these battleground states. This has never happened before.

- But the vote counting did not stop as reported

- It continued behind closed doors in early am of Nov 4 = = collusion w/not monitoring from [authorized] watchers.

- Votes were changed to give Biden the victory.

% were the same for each state, depending the number of voters. Same % of voters. [doesn't give the %]

[The hosts come in and start discussing the implications so far]

14:50: General McInerney continues:

- Clearly there has been foreign intervention from China, Iran, Russian.

- Had to be collusion between Dems and those 3 countries.

- Wuhan virus might have been part of their strategy.

- We don't know that, but looking at CDC and DS operatives in the gov't - could be the case.

- Pres. Trump STAY IN OFFICE until this is cleared up.''']:

- Neither the Founders nor the modern judicial systems understand cyberwarfare - but we cannot turn this govn't over to "Biden and that crowd."

- They have already shown their dangerous duplicity. "Do not turn it over, Mr. President."

[turns over discussion to the two Mikes.]

More from General McEnerney:

- [We can't put an enemy power into the WH.]

- "FOX News is a disgrace." - he worked for them for 16 years.

" The American people will demand that you not leave office" [until this is resolved].

ATTACHED: MORE ON Navid Keshavarz-Nia

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STATEMENT of Navid Keshavarz-Nia==


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