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One witness mentions ink forensics to find if ballots were mass produced

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Check this out anons.

One witness mentions ink forensics to find if ballots were mass produced.

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Did you say ink?

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Telling the difference between original docs (made with real ink) versus copied docs

"The techniques and tools used in forensic document examinations leverage well-established principles of physics and chemistry. A typical Questioned Documents unit in a crime laboratory is equipped with microscopes, digital imaging instrumentation, infrared and ultraviolet light sources, video analysis tools and specialized equipment including electrostatic detection devices (EDD) and materials to perform analytical chemistry."


"Sometimes, the key to determining authenticity of a document lies in the ink that the writer used. Inks that appear the same, physically, may be much different, chemically. This distinction helps the examiner determine whether the same ink was used for each page or word of a document and may even help reveal whether a particular ink existed at the time the document supposedly was prepared."