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APHIS20 USAF E-4B Nightwatch departed Wright-Patterson AFB en then south

This was up earlier today

Sec. of Defense AC

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BLKWLF13 USAF BACN GLEX out of Al Dahfra AB, Abu Dhabi

The U.S. military uses various datalink systems to exchange tactical information, and many are not capable of working together. For example, a U.S. Air Force F-15 can use its Link-16 system to exchange target information with a U.S. Navy F/A-18. However, the F/A-18 could not exchange information with a USAF B-52 or B-1 bomber. The advanced F-22 can connect with other Raptors via datalink but can only receive over the standard, legacy Link-16 datalink used by most allied aircraft. This lack of compatibility between different platforms is a major obstacle in all those theaters where air assets from many services are called upon to provide support for ground troops of different nations. Additionally, the complicated joint operations required to engage a modern integrated air defense system are greatly simplified by exchanging target information via datalinks. The BACN system is also used to link ground troops and Forward Air Controllers (FACs)/Joint Terminal Attack Controllers in a non-line-of-sight (LOS) environment. For instance, in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, troops are not always able to establish LOS communications with close support aircraft overhead. Moving position or relocating to higher ground could be fatal in a combat situation.


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SAM289 USAF G5 south out of JBA

Wonder who is on dat??

MacDill AFB perhaps

let ya know.

APHIS20 USAF E-4B Nightwatch out of Wright-Patterson AFB

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SAM289 USAF G5 on final at Tampa Int'l from JBA