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PRO V & V, INC./ COBB/Company that certified Dominion Voting for GA PRO V&V

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If you are Brian Kemp and that faggot Raffensberger and need to get your Venezuelan voting system certified so that you never lose another election again, are you going to hire a company to really look at it?

Company that certified Dominion Voting for GA PRO V&V

director and president named COBB

as in the Turkey?

Company Name: PRO V & V, INC.

File Number: 025-563

Filing State: Alabama (AL)

Filing Status: Exists

Filing Date: September 20, 2011

Company Age: 9 Years, 2 Months

Registered Agent:

Map Icon spacer Cobb, Jack

10204 Gibraltar Dr

Huntsville, AL 35803



Map Icon spacer 10204 Gibraltar Dr

Huntsville, AL 35803

View Phone Book Listings For Jack Cobb In Alabama



Map Icon spacer 10204 Gibraltar Drive

Huntsville 35803

View Phone Book Listings For Ryan Cobb In Alabama



Map Icon spacer 655 Gallatin St

Huntsville, AL 35801


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Edward "Jack" Cobbdied Sunday, February 7, 2016. Born to Ethel Josephine Heckert and Edward Charles Cobb in Rome, NY, he grew up in the Utica area. A Korean Veteran and a graduate of Syracuse University, he became an exceptional, inspiring, and caring Mathematics teacher for 27 years. He taught Jr. High in Long Valley and High School at West Morris Central and Mt Olive, Bud Lake, NJ. A former resident of Hampton, NJ, he co-owned "Cobb's Emporium" with his wife. Jack, his sons, students and friends built the store in 1980. He and his wife retired to Madison, AL in 1993.In 1994 Jack opened "Young at Heart", a doll and collectors shop. Jack was a member of the Madison Civitan Club and a constituent member of West Huntsville UMC. Jack is survived by his wife, Jacqueline Bostwick Cobb, their five sons and wives: Shawn James Cobb and Sheri of Joppa, MD; Daryl Kevin Cobb and Joanne of Asbury, NJ; Bryan Colin Cobb of Madison, AL; Colin Timothy Cobb and Michelle of Prairieville, LA; and Erin Lynn Cobb and Kathleen of S. Dartmouth, MA. They have fifteen Grandchildren and ten Great-Grandchildren. He is survived by a cousin, two nieces, a grandnephew and two grandnieces. A Memorial Service will be February 28 at 2pm at West Huntsville United Methodist Church, Huntsville, Alabama with Pastor Carol Gullat officiating. Edward John Cobb will be interred at Bushnell National Cemetery, Bushnell, Florida.

To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.

Published in The Hunterdon County Democrat on Feb. 19, 2016.

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Daryl's father was a Math teacher in New Jersey for nearly 30 years.is parents also ran a family business–

The Big Dipper. The Big Dipper was

popular in the 70s, and the kids flocked

to it for hand dipped ice cream,

milkshakes, burgers and fries, etc..

(The name was changed in 1981 to

Cobb's Emporium to go with a newly

constructed building).

Pictured here on the Right

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One result of the lack of a quorum of EAC commissioners had been that no new labs have been accredited. Until yesterday, only SLI Global Solutions and NTS Huntsville were certified by the EAC. No matter how many machines and modifications were waiting in line to be tested, only those two labs could test the systems. The resulting waiting periods have created a few significant problems.First, the wait time discourages vendors from introducing new and innovative voting machines to market, and second, states that can only purchase only federally-certified systems may be forced into buying out-of-date systems or into continuing to use old-generation existing machines that received certification a while ago.

More than three years ago, EAC staff invited Pro V & V, a team of specialized voting technology experts. to apply to become a federal test lab— and there Pro V & V figuratively sat, waiting. The head of Pro V & V, Jack Cobb of Huntsville Alabama, drew attention to his company’s predicament, indicating he had potential employees he wanted to hire and that his company could provide extra capacity to put machines through testing. He repeatedly asked the Senate to move on appointing EAC Commissioners, but it wasn’t until last December when the Senate acted that Mr. Cobb could see the end to the long wait in sight.

Shortly after the Senate’s confirmation of the three new Commissioners, the EAC held their first meeting in February 2015 and unanimously voted to accredit Pro V & V as a test lab. This means that more voting machines – some important existing modifications and next generation innovations – can now be tested, reducing the amount of time vendors and election officials wait in line for voting machine certification. While there are other problems with the testing and certification, this is a decisive first step, demonstrating that the EAC wants to move quickly to support election officials, vendors, and voters. After a long break in this type of EAC activity, their swiftness should be applauded.


Dear Mr. Cobb,This letter is to serve as the official invitation by the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC) to Pro V&V to apply for accreditation under the EAC’s Voting System Test Laboratory Accreditation Program. Pro V & V is hereby invited to apply for accreditation to test voting systems to the 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines promulgated by the EAC.


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PRO V & V was registered in New Hampshire,

and is a Foreign Profit Corporation!


PRO V & V, Inc. has a registered NCAGE Code for doing business with international governments!NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code 86R89 was created on 2018-11-07

The Lab Director for PRO V & V previously worked as a Project Engineer / Senior System Analyst for Wyle Laboratories.

Wyle is a provider of specialized engineering, scientific, & tech services to Dept of Defense, NASA, & aerospace contractors.Wyle comprises 3 primary operating entities: Aerospace Group, CAS Group, & Integrated Science, Technology, & Engineering Group.

In 2016,;;; Wyle was purchased by''' KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton. EVERYTHING is interconnected…

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Okay bunch of research done on Dominion, Smartmatic, and ES&S connected to the SES Secret Executive Service and Lord Malloch Brown.

HSBC, Comes, Holder, Brennan, Soros, and, Mueller



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PRO V&V dig








could be nothing but one of the Pro V&V addresses located in

One United Nations Plaza


web site memory holed

Centre for Peace and Equal Human Rights - 1 United Nations Plaza Building

listed that address but maps shows it as a hotel