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Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions vid

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Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions

Matt Braynard Video, 11-24-2020



All his findings have been shared with the appropriate legal teams, to offer support.

He will release a white paper soon on his findings.

Purpose: to establish a concrete finding based on actual records and phone calls.

Limitation: hard to get people to respond by phone - and to step forward. Puts a target on your back.


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'Voter integrity project, con't.''



Unreturned Absentee Ballots CAP 1

Called them to ask whether they requested a ballot and whether they returned it.

Many people did not request.

What happened to these ballots?

Low-Activity Analysis @12mins CAP 2

(= those who hadn't voted much: registered but didn't vote or new registrars)

ballot harvesting often goes together with voter reg. harvesting

how many voters were counted for people who did not vote?

How did people who did not vote get counted as having voted?

NCOA (= not at the address): mixed results - GA and NV look suspicious.

Ingraham clip re a guy whose name was used to cast a vote in Maricopa co.

Dead Voters @20mins

Difficult in US to determine; many states don't have accurate birth data.

Low numbers. no cap.

Residency Analysis @22mins CAP 3

More on NCOA. Substantive numbers - into the thousands.

Numbers are probably significantly higher.

Double Voter analysis:

How many people moved who cast more than one ballot?

Very conservative numbers - probably higher.

Wisconsin 'Indefinity Confined' Ballots @26 CAP 4 A & B

Only way you can vote early in Wisconsin where id isn't required

Historically, only a couple of hundred people used that status. Covid was not a legit excuse. Wisc IC Soc Media analysis: 10 of 84 qualified; 38 of 84 did not.

Is the Residential Address Legit? @29mins CAP 5

Includes homeless people too. But many of the addresses were NOT legit.

Deception used to conceal PO Boxes. GA and PA - major problem.

Conclusions @31mins

NYT stories re absentee voting: 2012 vs now. 2012: Absentee voting is fraud prone. 2020: "Trump is pushing a false argument - that voting by mail is a recipe for fraud."

Braynard: no confidence in the current election results.

Recommendations''' @36mins

- 3rd party auditing of voting lists necessary

- states need to know people's dob, etc.

- authenticated absentee ballot requests - use fingerprints? (signatures sketchy)

- election equipment must be open source (these exist) - no more closed black boxes