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Matt Schlapp



Breaking News: NV judge agrees to hear evidence of illegal voting and allow Republicans/Trump campaign to depose those who know about the dirty deeds of campaign 2020. (1:30 video also mentions GA)

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Report: 6K fake Biden votes found in Arizona “lead“ drops to 4K

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Lou Dobbs




says her lawsuit in Georgia could be filed as soon as tomorrow and says there’s no way there was anything but widespread election fraud. (Lou Dobbs video 7:03)

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Election Fraud Exposed: The Amstead Project’s Phill Kline explains why he wants nearly 157,000 votes thrown out in Wisconsin– claiming more than 12,000 Republican votes were not counted in the state. (Lou Dobbs video 5:18)

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… Piece about clearly algorithmic addition of votes to push Biden over the top in GA and PA - YT vid 20:17

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You know what's even MORE suspicious than BIG vote dumps giving Biden the lead in WI and MI? Taking AWAY votes from @realDonaldTrump

in Pennsylvania!

This chart: the 25 data dumps where Trump LOST votes from the Dominion feeds.

97,676 votes LOST! And Biden GAINED 160K+ votes! Pic related