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Five British MPs and Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani cheated death when 'Iranian plot to blow up Paris rally with Mother of Satan bomb smuggled into Europe by diplomat was foiled'

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No shit. This.


Several weeks before THIS.


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They just love their "crashes".

From Trump to Hastings—-crashes.

Maybe they're pissed because their overlords make them stay here until they get the job done.


No. No she didn't. You still haven't sorted the fake shit fed to Diana to terrify the hell out of her? Humm. Check out Earl Spencer's new lawsuit.

You're swallowing bullshit hook, line, and sinker. Diana was literally terrified into this…but Space Nigger fake shit. They've been trying to destroy these people historically for centuries. NOT because they ARE 'special' but because their "program" says they are and because back in the beginning of this shit—(as they show you proudly on SG1) the earlier arrivals were seen as "gods" and became "kings"/ leaders ruling by divine right.

These Space Kikes need their software updated.