#15091 Last Bread - Monolith

What if the monolith was a target, put there to guide a missile? Put there by/for the Chinese in order to guide the missile they plan on launching from the darkside of the moon? The helicopter pilot probably noticed it because of the sunlight reflecting into the air. The hikers that went to see it for themselves Either moved it to another location, or more than likely they were MIL and retrieved it.


With the innovations of solid rocket fuel, and the fact that they launched CHANG'E 5 and landed on the darkside the other day with a "larger cargo hold in order to retrieve a large amount of space rocks and moon dirt".


It would not have to be HUGE, but maybe the size of an ICBM or LOSBR?? It would not take much power to get it off the surface and back into space since the moon has 1/6 the gravity of earth. They don't even have to be there, it could be launched remotely from earth using a satellite to bounce a signal off of and down to the darkside. You would need a calculated launch window and possibly a guidance target (the monolith). Say…. December 21st?? A sky event (The Great Conjunction) would be great cover. Also, I expect to hear chatter about a small asteroid that will enter our atmosphere over U.S. Possibly the mini moon, but I'm reaching on that one.

The launch would go undetected by our defense systems since it would be traveling straight down. Why has POTUS mentioned several times about getting our astronauts back on the moon? Has he already sent them back? Did they leave behind an alert system on the surface?

The enemy would assume that the reentry would look to us like it was just a small meteor.

But what a way to really get the most out of a sky event such as the upcoming, promoted Great Conjunction!! They would assume that the entire world would be looking straight at it, They would also have the element of surprise by using a amazing event that would have the world expecting to see an event like that.