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Just listening to Gen. McInerney's interview and heard this part about the "305th" = the Kracken.

But there is another idea - that General Flynn is the Kracken.

see below


40:40 mark.

Saw this post in qresear.ch from PB:

Baker, please consider changing the Headline of these notables >Any anons know what this represents? The enemy sure does.

to something more searchable and more descriptive. May I suggest this:

Lt. Gen McInerney: Sidney Powel's Kracken is the Nickname for the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion" and Q's mention of the 305th Sauce

Looks like it did not get picked up last bred.


if nobody's done it yet.

Here's what I got so far from qresear.ch and other sources:

1. Wikipedia

The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is located at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. It consists of three companies: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Its mission is to train Initial Entry Trainees for the MOSes of 35G (Geospatial Imagery Intelligence Analyst) and 35F (All Source Intelligence Analyst).



The 205th MI BN conducts continuous multidiscipline intelligence analysis and production, CI, and HUMINT operations to enable situational understanding and mission command for commanders in the PACOM AOR; establishes and sustains relationships with regional partners; enables and maintains access to the theater intelligence framework; and on order, deploys tailored intelligence forces in support of unified land operations.

3. FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Government-Organization/305th-Military-Intelligence-Battalion-235550399829874/

4. Twitter = Bluesky


The #Kraken is @GenFlynn.

He commanded the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade for the U.S. Army at Fort Huachuca AZ. Insignia = KRAKEN

The 305th Military Intelligence Battalion is located at Fort Huachuca AZ (MI witness for @SidneyPowell1) Coincidence? #KrakenIncoming

A witness for @SidneyPowell1worked the 305 Military Intelligence Battalion. @GenFlynn was a Notable Commander for the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade. Both were located at Fort Huachuca. Kraken was developed by Military Intelligence.

The Kraken is a counterIntelligence, counterinsurgency tool that is able to track vote-switching. The Vote-switching operation against the 2020 Election was a CIA OP. based in Frankfort Germany. The CIA OP involved the DHS Cybersecurity Agency (CISA).


Foreign Election Interference are Matters of National Security: Treason. MI = No Leaks. @SidneyPowell1 witness is a former 305th Military Intelligence with experienc gathering SAM missile system electronic Intelligence. DocsDown pointing backhand index https://courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.mied.350905/gov.uscourts.mied.350905.1.15.pdf