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>The demand in the complaint to secure all voting machines

Anons, bear with me as I try and explain this. (I could never "program my vcr recorder" let alone program anything else. So, if I am making sense I ask any codefag to help here).

This is likely as much of a trap to catch [them] in a "Watergate" crime after the election, as it is to "secure the machines" from being "acid-washed" or "hammered to death" to destroy evidence (the hunters become the hunted). We known damn well, or should know, that the Patriots aren't relying on the contents of ALL those machines to prove a vast scheme of election fraud.

As one surprisingly "objective lefty" (oxymoron, yes, I know) cyber nerd stated (in so many words) on twatter after reading Exh 105 today "if what this affidavit alleges is true, that all the dominion machines DON'T keep a master log of EXTERNAL command and execution prompts or even a log of when internal commands (to shift votes) are given locally, then we are properly fukked! Not having such industry standard post operation (election) internal auditing capability as a REQUISITE core function of the entire program is tantamount to screaming 'WE PURPOSELY LEFT THIS ESSENTIAL AUDIT PROGRAM OUT BECAUSE WE DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE A RECORD OF THE MASSIVE FRAUD WE ARE ABOUT TO COMMIT' "

In other words, POTUS, again, masterfully trolls them by tweeting:


This tweet at first really confused me as it is the OPPOSITE of the legal standard in any case claiming fraud. The complainant MUST ALWAYS PLEAD FRAUD WITH SPECIFICITY.

Do anons get it? The machines themselves, by their lack of essential coding auditing program requirements, SCREAM FRAUD, as there could be no other possible reason for not having such base and necessary diagnostic programming.

The proof HERE is in the OMISSION and not the active COMMISSION of fraud. The DUTY (or industry standard) was ALWAYS on [THEM] to provide machines with such an essential and common tool for software/hardware diagnostics. Intentionally leaving it out telegraphs [their] INTENTION to act in bad faith and COMMIT MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD for all [their] billionaire oligarch friends around the globe or for themselves as these assclowns go about the World rigging any election it so wants to. [C]lowns [I]n [A]merica. This is why that biggest pantload of an assclown Brennan has been shitting himself for the last month. He knew that POTUS was sitting on and was about to play his _ _ _ _ _ card?