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Prayers for Sidney Powell team

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Father in heaven, thank You that Your angels will do battle for us when we don’t know what else to do or say. Abba, we ask You would foil all attacks and traps of the enemy against Trump, his administration, his attorneys and team, Sidney Powell, her team, and those fighting against this fraudulent election. Keep them from the nets of the enemy while they walk by safely. We ask that You surround them, deliver them, and preserve them from trouble, and open their eyes to the plans of the enemy. We ask You go before them and make crooked places straight and prepare successful paths for them in discovery and in the courts. We thank You for and ask You would keep them from hidden danger and let no weapon formed against them be able to prosper. Holy Spirit we ask for Your anointing against the kingdom of darkness and ask You would avenge them against evil. We also thank You for Your protection and for keeping them safe, having put on the whole armor of God. Please also give discernment to the Supreme Court and lower courts to choose Truth and Justice. Give Trump the true and fast path to the presidency for 2020 election results, which he deserves. We ask for as many holy angels of war needed to come and defend them against the demonic forces of Satan. We call for a wall of protection around them which all evil will flee. All glory and honor to You, as we ask this all in the name of Jesus.