>>11821300 Dough

#15089 FINAL 1/2 Notables

>>11821372 Misprision of Treason

>>11821393 Cindy "opportunist" McCain become never to be fake UK Ambassador

>>11821403 Prayers for Sidney Powell team requested

>>11821430 Dr Simone Gold. How to GET HCQ

>>11821435 Scott Pressler files report on death threats

>>11821438 , >>11821599 MISSIONS OF LIGHT SERIES - anon series

>>11821446 Biden Team tweet - 15 minutes of fame dwindling away

>>11821448 Kingdom Builder tweet - If a health professional tries to persuade you take a vaccine ask to see section 13 of the insert. This product has not been tested for carcinogenic potential or impairment of fertility.

>>11821460 Anon opines on bread fuckery

>>11821471 @LLinWood - "Does it anger you that Governor @BrianKempGA refuses to take action on fraud in election but had time for quail hunting with his family yesterday in Tifton?

>>11821475 Hold the line anons - Many attacks

>>11821486 "SUMMARY: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is revising sections of OMB Guidance for Grants and Agreements

>>11821490 Daniel Scavino Jr. Congratulations to a Great American Patriot, General Michael T. Flynn

>>11821517 FOLLOW THE MONEY…..if any anon wants to know exactly how our tax dollars work in the Federal Programs

>>11821537 @LLinWood "Let’s switch from @BrianKempGA to @GaSecofStatefor a question.Is anyone curious as to why Georgia Deputy Secretary of State hired Stacey Abram's photographer, Chris Savas, to document the GA audit

>>11821595 Over the target anons BardsFM tweet

>>11821601 , >>11821437 Any anons know what this represents? The enemy sure does.

>>11821608 .@RepDougCollins: "David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler will be reelected – Georgia stays red. That's the script."

>>11821618 Savage response to Brennan tweet

>>11821626 Charlie Kirk - Today Botswana decriminalized homosexuality

>>11821631 Where rich people hide in Kenya Nairobi's million $$ neighborhood

>>11821638 Sidney Powell’s Allegations in Georgia Serious Enough to Alter the Election Results: Expert


>>11821643 Lin Wood tweets

>>11821661 , >>11821724 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek To Decertify State's Election Results, Citing 'Substantial Irregularities'

>>11821682 GA Investigation Uncovers Over 56K Non Residents In Absentee EVIDENCE- pulled from @GaSecofState Office

>>11821686 “We Have Clear, Clear Paths to Winning for This President!” – General Michael Flynn Comes Out Swinging for Trump in First Post Pardon Interview

>>11821698 CODEMONKEY request for Dominion contracts: Cook County, Chicago - This is more of the information CM requested

#15089 1/2