SwedAnon chiming in (one of us anyway, I know there are more SwedAnons here, hi frens!)

Just want to report of the sheer panic in Swedish MSM now. I haven't bathered to even check Swedish MSM stuff since October because I have followed QR and several other channels of info where somewhat relevant information about reality is found. Just now checked DN, one of Swedens bigger newspapers. Check the three top articles:

1. '''Heavy court processes awaiting for Trump next year" - Suspicions of fraud, tax fraud and sexual harassments.

2. Trump lost votes after re-count in Wisconsin - The president himself keeps claiming he won the election

3. Trumps appeal in Pennsylvania overruled - Claims of vote fraud is baseless, according to the court : "The president does not get elected by lawyers"

This is shit I have not heard about at all, reminds me of why I don't consume shit-information from Swedish MSM.

And now:


Everybody in my IRL life, and I mean EVERYBODY fucking buys in to this shit. Everybody hates trump and sneer "you're cnthpyrathorial" if I disagree with anything they brainwashingly NEEEEEED to talk about and seek agreement for cuz muh social comfort feelz. Everybody is Mr Smith, shapeshifting into an agent of the deep state seeking to contract my world view, repeating MSM bullshit.

[rant +10]

REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WTF am I even doing here? Everybody are TOTAL ZOMBIES!!! Where are the sane ones? QR is the only place FFS, THE ONLY PLACE where I can hope to communicate with somewhat sane people, not saying that I am the sanest, surely not, but I at least think with my brain. I am totally fucking alone, the more idiots around me the more alone I am. If I had not found God earlier in my life I don't even know how I would have been able to handle this situation.

[rant -10 (include valuable info)]

BTW; It's so obvious the talking points in SJWedish MSM are crafted from the same people that dish out the "white supremacy" bullshit in the US, I mean, the expression that is equivalent in Sovjetsweden (vit överhöghet) have never,NEVER been a thing or an expression at all, ever. 2017-2019 they used "vit makt" (white power) which was used in the 80's and 90's by skinhead nazis and their music scene.