pb >>11820175 Sean Parnell, who’s running for Congress in PA, was an officer in the 10th Mountain Division.

wanted to chime in on what i think Q was telling us, the DS worked to gain alot of control over 4 key MIL/FEMA assets to be used logistically and strategically during a domestic insurgency, could be for now or could likely be part of a long term continuity plan.

to maintain control of government, shipping, oil reserves/refining, potentially hostile borders and the capitol are best secured (among other assets).

insurgency and successful revolutions start with competing governments, if one side does not gain control then extraneous forces decide (many also participate), even those who are neutral will eventually support who they feel is best for them. political recognition is paramount and is influenced by economical/banking/trade, etal. interests.


10th Mountain- secures the New England States, East coast and Great Lakes areas. Many refineries.

1st Marine- West Coast/Western US

CPSD- FEMA TX oil+refineries +ports

Marine_QVIR (Quantico Vir?) Washington DC Capitol.