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>CM: "Machines burned down? No digital forensics? Don't let this happen to US! Ron@CodeMonkeyZ


get state order of protection preserving chain of evidence of Machines!

CM raises valid concerns that any and all of the Dominion machines which are the subject of the two federal complaints filed in MI and Georgia be secured under lock and key in order to preserve chain-of-evidence requirements prior to conducting any forensic investigations needed to support the fraud claims.

In addition, immediate investigation should be conducted by all proper authorities and parties to determine whether any of the subject machines are/were connected to the internet. If connections found, they should be documented/memorialized then immediately disconnected from the internet.

Yes, Ron and this anon may seem like Captains Obvious here by I have seen no formal request made at the state judicial level that all this evidence be secured and locked away under key and close observation.

Alleging fraud, in any legal proceeding, is as serious as a heart attack and this massive, historic voter fraud case is about as serious as it ever gets considering its implications if proved.

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