Corrupted poll workers used computer fraud & mail ballot fraud to interfere with our national election. They thought we could be had & they could overthrow our duly elected President without firing a shot.

They were wrong and should consider turning states evidence while they have a chance.

I would rather take a stand right now for the rule of law than end up living under the tyranny of left-wing socialism, just waiting for AOC-inspired government thugs to hunt me down a put a bullet in my head for daring to love my country.

We aren't going to stand by and get "Bolsheviked" to death here in America.

Not on your life.

Why do you think we've all been buying guns and ammo like crazy for the last ten months? We know what happens if tyranny gets a foothold in this nation, and we will fight them to the last man, if necessary, rather than surrender to left-wing tyranny.

That's why MAGA patriots will put our lives on the line to defend this republic and help our president defeat the deep state swamp and all the crooked elitists who are trying to burn this nation to the ground.

So President Trump, millions of us are standing by with training, equipment and courage, awaiting your orders.

If you need us, call upon us and we will converge on Washington D.C. in historic numbers, armed with courage and ready to defend this nation against its domestic enemies.

We will come prepared for battle and ready to fight. We will not back down and we do not negotiate with terrorists.

Once we defeat the left-wing traitors and terrorists in D.C., let us aid your efforts to arrest the traitors all across America, including Big Tech CEOs like Dorsey and Zuckerberg, fake news media propagandists and corrupt governors and mayors who are complicit in the 2020 election treachery and covid plandemic that sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives of Americans just so they could roll out their mail-in ballot election fraud scheme.

These criminals need to be put in chains, prosecuted and held to account for their crimes against America.

And every person who willfully engaged in ballot fraud should face immediate prosecution and harsh penalties under the law.

We are ready to fight for America, and for the presidency Trump won by a landslide. Call upon us when needed.

You will be astonished at our level of readiness and commitment.

Disclaimer: 8Kun administration has no association with this post and OP is only passing on vital information. OP is not a gun owner or a political activists and is not associated with any political groups.