BOOM!!! Patrick Byrne Dropped Major Bombs Yesterday in an Interview…Including Revealing Obama, Brennan and Comey Were Behind the Sting Operations to Blackmail Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Hillary in 2016

Huge! Patrick Byrne, former CEO of just went public yesterday and revealed who was behind the sting operation to setup Hillary Clinton, Trump, Rubio and Cruz in 2016 Illegal surveillance and bribery blackmail operations. Patrick was approached by Peter Stzrok in 2015 to assist the FBI in setting up these candidates (he thought it was legit). He wrote about the Hillary Clinton sting on his website blog entry dated October 6, 2020.

Patrick now goes on to reveal many things in this radio show interview yesterday:

"The Deep State's Front Gate" ft. Patrick Byrne 11/27/20

Quite Frankly


The Sting Ops in 2016 against the presidential candidates was ordered by Comey, Brennan and Obama

The Sting Ops involved Patrick bribing candidates and getting the evidence on video/audio tape in order to blackmail them – he specifically was told that Obama wanted blackmail on Hillary to ensure Obamacare and other policies remained in place

Patrick figured out the scam and then tried to sting them too said he falsely told the FBI that he raped and was planning to kill Russian agent Maria Butina to see if Comey, Brennan and Obama would stop the sting operation. Nope Comey, Brennan and Obama ignored the info and greenlit the blackmail operation anyway.

Patrick says a yet to be revealed 3rd party 'electronically' intervened in the 2016 election to prevent Dominion from flipping votes from Trump to Hillary. Patrick says he knows these people

Patrick says that the stories of Hillary breaking glass and plates after her 2016 loss is because she had been promised the election rigging was in place and would happen

Patrick is working with internet white hats to uncover the 2020 election rigging and has provided detailed evidence to Sidney Powell– says he knew of the plot before Nov 3rd and took the info to the Depart of Homeland Security to see if they would intervene. He said Chris Krebs from CISA prevented them from intervening.

Patrick reveals recently fired Chris Krebs (CISA) is a deep stater – he's an attorney who formerly worked for Microsoft

Patrick also mentions that he's seen some Epstein evidence ….as an example of the globalist's level of evil and access

Patrick says he will likely be killed for his revelations and actions if Trump is not re-elected