>>11817423, >>11817522 CM call to dig: Looking for the contracts between Dominion and the states/counties that used Dominion machines

Reuters think they are so smart, but the reveal dominion machines used in 28 states. They have this idea that it’s a “conspiracy theory” and they think they’ve debunked it

Reuters Fact Check. REUTERS

The posts ( here , here , here , here , here ) show screenshots, that appear to be from Newsmax TV ( www.newsmaxtv.com/ ), of two maps of the United States. The top map, titled “Dominion Software in Use”, shows six states in blue - Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia - while the rest of the states are in red. The second map, titled “Where Trump is filing lawsuits”, highlights in red the same six states, leaving all the other states grey. Captions include, “Oh my word!! Could it be any more clear???”; “I’m sure it’s just a coincidence! SMH [shake my head]”; “Nothing to see here.”

The Dominion Voting website shows that the company has customers in 28 states ( www.dominionvoting.com/about/ ). This includes the six states highlighted in the social media posts

Verified Voting, the non-governmental, nonpartisan organization focused on the role technology plays in election administration ( verifiedvoting.org/about/ ), shows 24 states where Dominion Voting products were used in November 2020, including the six states highlighted in the social media posts ( here ). It also includes states that Trump won, such as Louisiana, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio (here).

At the time of publication Trump had filed lawsuits in five states: Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia ( here ). The Trump campaign said it would seek a recount in Wisconsin but has not yet filed a lawsuit there ( here ).

Reuters recently debunked other false claims that Dominion Voting Systems software “glitched” the election in favour of Biden (here)..

That claim of non voter fraud has been disputed, not debunked. Ace team at Twitter