In a recent bread I saw a post or two about Reconstruction after the Civil War and questions about the validity of Constitutional amendments while 10 states were under martial law.

Jogged my memory about some curious things in my part of the country.

Callaway County Missouri apparently qualifies as a likely "micro nation". Here's a link:

There's a lot to the story but here's an exceptionally important quote from the piece: 'Jones would disband his army. What made this request was Jones' insistence that his men were "not assembled in the interests of the Southern Confederacy". Rather, they had gathered to defend their own homes from what they saw as foreign aggression.

To the Colonel's surprise, the Union commander agreed to the accord, and Jones disbanded his force on October 27. The Federal forces moved on keeping their end of the deal. This essentially amounted to a treaty with the United States government, albeit one which was broken later in the was (Callaway was invaded, and two battles were fought in its territory). However, the region was not ransacked as other places had been, and after the war the citizens stubbornly refused to be Reconstructed or governed by outside forces.'

What is very curious to me is the later history of Fulton, MO the county seat of Callaway County (Kingdom of Callaway). Westminster College is a small college in Fulton. It was the site of Winston Churchill's famous "Sinews of Peace" speech and later became the home of the Churchill Museum and the reconstructed Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury. If you look at who has given lectures/speeches here it is a who's who of "elites" including, just last year, Madeleine Albright.

Furthermore, the reconstructed Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury is home to research on the first family to have a wedding there, the Robinettes, known to be in the lineage of none other than Joe Biden.

To me it looks like on an "elite" level this city is recognized for some significance. Perhaps, not part of "Corporate" US? (Not sure, this is why I'm asking).

Interestingly, along I-70 there is one small town/city called "Kingdom City" at the intersection of I-70 with highway 54.