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Katie Hobbs connection to Sojourner Center (Phoenix AZ) dig continues, Gordon Sims, Darrell Sennich, Alyce Anne Meadows, Ruby Payne

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Gordon Sims is in charge of the Sojourner Center for Battered women and children in Phoenix AZ. A dig on him and his "partner" Darrell Sennich is disturbing. Darrell started a book club for LBGT Pagen worshippers on Goodreads. Darrell is in charge of the Servers at ASU in Tempe.

I found a newspaper article that says Gordon and Darrell starred in a movie about Satan back in 2003 in Cleveland that was made by a girl who ran a Costume House in Phoenix. Doug Ducey is also from Ohio, I wonder if they are buddies?

SoS Katie Hobbs has been involved with Sojourner Center for many years also. Out of the 46 people she follows on instagram one account is a nightclub that has a Tranny night and a witches night.

Gordon Sims also volunteers at the Foundation for living medicine that seems sketchy. They have what appears to be an at home birth program, one of the members received an award from Hillary Clinton.

Alyce Anne Meadows

She has also served as an officer of MIKID(Mentally Ill Kids In Distress). While working with these issues, she focused on community development, in which she has received considerable national training, especially Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). She founded a Community Action Team (CAT) while serving as director of a federal counseling grant and district grant manager at Dysart Unified School District.

Alyce-Anne has national training with Ruby Payne and does presentations on "Understanding The Culture of Poverty." She has delivered well received presentations at state and national conferences. Her creation of an educational photo essay exhibit and curriculum called "Everybody's Baby," which focused on the impact of teenage pregnancy. Her work in community development has won local, state and national awards, including one where Hillary Clinton gave the keynote address.





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