You think I am shilling? Clearly you haven't read my posts.


Frankly I often do not pay attention to them and just auto filter whoever I think is one of them immediately given the patterns which never change with them. They always follow one of those scripts and their responses are always on par so it is quite easy to spot and filter them at this point. As far as which topic, that is fully up to you/the anon in my eyes. Different anons prefer different areas of research. For me I have never been involved much in the pizza related research and always stuck to different areas whereas other anons focus on the pizza stuff and ignore the things I prefer. So it really comes down to whatever the anon has interest in and what the anon feels benefits the US or whatever country they are in. On slow nights like this, as nightshift has always done this, we sometimes get off track and discuss historical issues or other things that do not fully relate with Q research which I personally have never minded since I like that about nightshift.

But when it comes to shill efforts, they are quite easy to discern after an anon spends enough time here and I suggest you just auto filter them, or the idiots who post picture barrages and so on. You can always notice who they are also by their response to being filtered as that is a big no no with them and they will claim either:

1) You must not support the First Amendment if you filter that

2) Filtering is a clear sign of being a shill.

… and so on. These are just methods they use to keep anons focused on their shit and off something important. Notice all this shit came up after we began discussing who may have flipped in 2015 and Comey, Flynn, Bush, and so on came up? They always do this when an issue of importance comes up. It's their version of "shut it down".