The 20/20 farming rule appears to be related to insurance policies on specific crop, interestingly there is date's attached for planting times (obvious as to why), but drawing links:

- Corn dates of June 5 - June 30

- Is the premise of the policy structure reflecting some sort of 'insurance policy' drawing on this general rule, that they have in place against POTUS?

Replant Eligibility

Those policies that have the replant provision have certain criteria ast eligibility. The 20/20 rule states that a replant claim will not be available for acreage that does not make up at least 20 acres or 20% of the planted acres in the insurable unit, whichever is least.

An insured must replant back to the original crop planted. The replant claim payment is based on 3 Bu/Ac for soybeans at the established price and 8 Bu/Ac for corn at the established price.

Any replant acres of less that 50 acres can be done by self-certification. If you are replanting more than 50 acres, it will require an adjuster to do an appraisal prior to replanting.

Prevented Planting

A policyholder may claim prevent planting under certain criteria:

• The insured must be prevented from planting due to an insurable case of loss

that also prevented other producers from planting with like characteristics in

the area. You alone having prevented planting will not have a payment earned.

• Eligibility is determined on a policy and county basis. An insured's maximum

number of acres certified for APH or insurance purposes for the most recent 4

years will determine eligibility.

• The 20/20 rules apply the same as replanting regardless of the number of eligible

acres. Prevented Planting claims will not be provided for any acreage that does

not meet at least 20 acres or 20% of the total planted and prevented plant

acrs of the crop unit.

• The insured must notify the agent at least 72 hours of the end of the late

planting period or at the time they have decided to claim prevented planting.

• The insured must also report any prevented planting on the acreage report.

• If an insured makes hay off the ground before the end of the late plant period,

there will not be any prevented planting claim available.

• If an insured makes hay off the ground after the end of the late plant period,

a prevented planting claim will be paid at a redued rate of 35% of normal


Late Planting Periods

Corn: June 5 - June 30

Soybeans: June 20 - July 15

Wheat: October 20 - October 25

Please contact your agent when you think you may have a prevented planting claim as they can explain all of the numerous options. Your agent is here to help you with these difficult times and has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to your insurance policy.