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Are there any other people from Vote Foundation that are involved in companies possibly providing comms for election fraud?

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Continuation of a MindGeek dig from last bread… missed the cutoff for notables so reposting:

I think I got something to see here guys. Snooping around MinkGeek on LinkedIn and came across Lee Gentry. A few things to point out about his profile:

- worked for a number of small tech companies that were acquired by larger tech companies

- he lived in Boston, Paris, San Francisco, Austin, and Montreal

-he was the founder and CEO of Vote Foundation, where he "built and launched mobile-first web app to quantify US voter representation". He did this from Mar 2017 until Dec 2019.

- after an 8 month gap, and right before the election, he gets hired by MindGeek as a "Senior Product Manager". His non-descrip description on his LinkedIn profile is "I do various things"

Some questions if anyone is interested in helping:

Are there any other people from Vote Foundation that are involved in companies possibly providing comms for election fraud?

Who are the top dogs at Mind Geek? So far, the highest I've been able to identify is Alain Atme - VP of Sales at MindGeek. He seems to be based in Lumembourg. While digging him I found a lawsuit where a tech company was suing MindGeek and Playboy at the same time. Looks like Alain was VP at Playboy before/at the same time as MindGeek. It is a little confusing, but it suggests that MindGeek and Playboy have some sort of relationship. Is Playboy controlled by the same people that control MindGeek? All the porn seems to be coming from the same place!

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Board of Directors Bio's


Advisory Board


Team Members


U.S. Vote Foundation


Here are some additional players with bios..

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Some more nuggets about MindGeek:

In addition to the other groups they own, they also own Mofos, Babes, and Twisty's - found a script writer for these brands.

There are more than a thousand people in this organization located around the world. Again, who is paying for this shit? I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around how much porn you have to sell to support these salaries… there is so much free porn out there and the stuff that is for sale isn't that much better than the stuff that is free. If you scan their linkedin page, it is tons of software developers - these guys aint cheap. They are located all over the place… mostly Canada and Cypres.