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PornHub dig from last bread

Check this one anons… not sure if true, but looked up Luxembourg pornhub and found myself on this site. It claims that MindGeek is HQ'd in Canada, registered in Luxembourg, but has its "roots" in Germany - whatever that means.

Did you know that in addition to PornHub, MindGeek owns and operates Brazzers, RedTube, YouPorn, and Reality Kings? These guys are slinging some serious amounts of porn. Thing is, you can go on any of these sites and you could probably watch 2 years of porn straight, for free, without watching something twice. Who pays for this shit? It's not like there are tons of ads on these sites? My mind thinks of the servers raided from Germany (maybe a CIA branch we can track down?) and the connection to cryptocurrency. I read somewhere (no sauce) that most of the cryptocurrency in existence is owned by a few players. Are these players DS agents funding shit to undermine our youth?