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CM Sends Tweet to Lead Attorney on Spring 2020 Venezuelan Voting Machine Warehouse Fire, Call to Impound US Machines for Critical Forensics ASAP

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^^^ Reposting on this bake for emphasis. Also as a shout out to CM for his efforts including the call to forensically impound voting machines.

CM Sends Tweet to Lead Attorney on Spring 2020 Venezuelan Voting Machine Warehouse Fire



Date: 09 March 2020

Selection from Article:

Venezuela fire: Thousands of voting machines burned…What caused it?

>Possibly the guilty parties covering their tracks…maybe…

“Nothing is being ruled out," Ms Lucena said, telling reporters that ahead of elections for Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly, the CNE and its infrastructure had been targeted.

"In 2017, those who did not want elections were vicious against the voting machines. They attacked operators, they burned vehicles, they made death threats, they burned voting machines, but the election took place.

"If there are groups who think that they can stop the electoral processes they're mistaken, they haven't accounted for the determination of the men and women of the electoral branch".

“…Many in the opposition fear that if elections are held later this year without the CNE and the electoral processes being reformed first, the poll could be rigged and the government could seize control of the National Assembly.”

Fire Alert for Voting Machine Storage Locations in Key Battleground States

>This may sound comical, but history tends to repeat itself.

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CM’s Tweet:


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