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Pornhub - MSM connection? Pornhub is HQ'd in Canada as well like Dominion Voting

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Pornhub - MSM connection? Pornhub is HQ'd in Canada as well like Dominion Voting!

Parent organization is MindGeek, HQ'd in Montreal but legally registered in Luxembourg. Has lots of subsidiaries of porn companies/studios.


From their website:


Internet streaming, TV broadcasting, radio, or mobile devices – we deliver.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructure is fully redundant, supported by two of the world’s largest CDN providers offering geographically load-balanced servers in North America and Europe. Our goal is to provide content as quickly as possible to our customers, no matter where they are, with the highest quality real-time streaming services possible.

Our CDNs support tens of thousands of streaming videos each minute, in high definition, without sacrificing quality. More than streaming video, we broadcast over twenty television and radio channels worldwide, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers and listeners.


Anons please digg!

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Pornhub's parent company MindGeek also involved in crypto processing?

The heck?!



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MindGeek other locations.

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This got me interested.

Pornhub used as comms tool for MSM?