So I'm reviewing POTUS tweets from the last few hours and think I've got a nice comm here.

I usually use and open many at once in new tabs. I saw this deleted tweet:

and I'm think "@jack you cocksucking POS you're gonna get it soon…" Except I think it wasn't him this time…

Look closely at the cap from qagg: POTUS posted two back to back tweets and the second is still up.

And there is only a 15 second delta.

What's the difference? The QUESTION mark at the end of the link in the first tweet.

Now notice this was posted by iphone. If you have access to one, check and see whether "accidentally" adding a "?" is likely. I say no.

Is POTUS suggesting that he is ready to answer "the ultimate question" by 'force'?

I looked at the timestamp 18:59 and checked Q1859. Q puts 'questionable' in quotation marks and capitalizes BIG (compare title of linked article). Could be a match?

Then I checked for info on the deleted tweet:

It was deleted after only 5 seconds.

Look closely: 5s

5:5? Q55? Satan gonna violate quarantine and have extra guests for Thanksgiving?