Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s bio only cursorily discloses that he is a director in “Investec” (since Aug. 08, 2012)

The literal devil hides behind this deception.

What he fails to disclose are hundreds of convoluted, circular subsidiary holdings and relationships with George Soros, rogue C.I.A., the Rothschilds and the Queen’s Privy Council, not to mention his tight control over the globalist banking system around the planet."

Malloch Brown + Soros + Rothschild + CIA + Smartmatic voting machines in this article from 2018.

"PROOF: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown has conspired with the SES, Soros, Deep State and rogue C.I.A. since early 1990’s right after Soros allegedly crashed the UK Pound(Sep. 1992) – he formed ICG with Soros and Carnegie just THREE MONTHS after Soros crashed the UK Pound and put billions of dollars in his pocket overnight (read: FALSE FLAG)"