A well know and well liked BBQ joint in downtown Portland, Reo's Ribs, has been burned to the ground last night.

This is just a few days after a family member did a short interview about the vandalism in the area:

A family member at Reo’s Ribs told KOIN 6 News that when he came into work he was able to assess all the destruction. He said Reo’s didn’t get damaged but the building next door did and it’s disappointing.

“I just hope whoever is doing this, they would catch the people who’s doing it and be prosecuted for what they’ve done,” said Ricky Varenado, who works at his brother’s business, Reo’s. “I mean, because this is really a sad time of the year they are doing this, with the coronavirus epidemic that’s going on, people are having a hard time trying to make it in life and this makes it even worse.”