“It’s Also Clear There Was Foreign Intrusion into Our Voting Systems” – Sidney Powell Joins Lou Dobbs — Lawsuit Expected Tonight but No Later than Tomorrow

Attorney Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs on Kraken Wednesday.

This was after her client General Michael Flynn was pardoned by President Donald Trump.

Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs she will “Release the Kraken” sometime tonight but no later than tomorrow.

Sidney Powell: It was nationwide… The times and deadlines should be met. And the evidence is so overwhelming it’s almost as though they were so blatant about it they expected us to catch it. And maybe it’s a diversion from something else that’s going on. I don’t know. It’s also clear there was foreign intrusion into our voting systems. And that’s going to be the real where the rubber meets the road… It’s in your face everywhere. The statistical evidence is insurmountable.