Tesla Issues Two Recalls, More Than 9,500 Vehicles Affected

Tesla said Wednesday that it was recalling some 9,500 of its vehicles because of safety issues related to adhesions on the roof trim that could separate.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said most of the recalls related to Model X vehicles from 2016.

A cosmetic trim near the roof and front windshield is adhered using urethane. If the manufacturer applied the urethane without enough primer, the trim could separate from the vehicle.

“While we are not aware of any accidents or injuries resulting from this condition, if the applique separates from the vehicle while in drive, it could create a road hazard for following motorists and increase their risk of injury or a crash,” the NHTSA said in a Wednesday statement

Tesla, according to the documents, discovered the issue with some 2016 model year vehicles in September and started its own investigation into the root cause and frequency of the issue. On its own admission, the NHTSA stated that Tesla concluded “tentatively” that its suppliers may have lacked sufficient primer during application.

Tesla’s service centers will inspect all of the recalled vehicles to check the issue and apply primer if necessary.

A separate recall involving some 900 Model Y vehicles from 2020 relates to steering knuckles, part of the vehicle’s suspension and steering component.

“The bolts connecting the front upper control arm and steering knuckle may have not been properly tightened, allowing the upper control arm to detach from the steering knuckle,” the NHTSA said in a letter to David Kim, the compliance manager for the company. “A detached upper control arm can cause the wheels to lean in or out, decreasing the driver's ability to steer and increasing the risk of a crash.”

As with the urethane issue, Tesla service centers will remedy the situation free of charge if the recalled vehicles are found to have problems with the steering knuckles. The NHTSA did not indicate if any injuries or damage were associated with the issue on the Model Y.

Tesla reported a record third quarter with more than $1.9 billion in free cash flow. Ahead of its listing on the S&P stock exchange, the company’s market value topped $526 billion, making founder Elon Musk one of the richest people in the world.