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Temp agencies were amongst those involved in hiring poll workers for Election Day

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Temp agencies were involved in hiring poll workers

Anon here called out in the days leading up to the election, there were a bunch of jobs on Indeed where they were for poll workers. Some were for moving the machines around.

Some of these jobs said no experience necessary and would train.

In the few jobs that I browsed through, I recall that there it didn't mention any requirement on the job posting that the individual needed to be a US citizen. I would think that (from a morality perspective) if you are working at the poll station, you should be a US citizen if only US citizens can vote.

I don't have any screenshots of this unfortunately. I posted it here and it was notabled and landed in wearethene.ws. Will keep digging to see if I can find the webpage from wearethene.ws that has is. It has some screenshots.

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Bingo, found it


Thank God for wearethene.ws!

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Correct URL:


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Ben Adida's VotingWorks/Voting Works who has been messing with #Georgia was also hiring.

From past diggs, we know Ben Adida used to work for @Jack at Square and Adida and his other co-founder and some other board members were from the Mozilla Foundation.

The Mozilla Foundation is partners with Soros.