>>11775961 Prisoners committed fraud, Scott Peterson…

>>11773141 California paid up to $1 billion in fraudulent unemployment claims to prisoners — including death row inmates

__A few thoughts about unemployment fraud in CA, handed out to prisoners.

1. There’s no way the DOL in CA would “not know” these people were prisoners and this is not a mistake. No it it’s a “glitch”. So how did this happen? Many prisoners said they didn’t file for unemployment, so who did it?

2. Its very possible, with the desperation of CA Governor NEWSOM and his poorly run state, he figured out another way to steal federal money (being a sanctuary state). He may have concocted this money laundering scheme with Wardens, Guards and a small dangerous group of prisoners. So what is the scheme about?

3. Perhaps NEWSOM designed the whole scheme of losing this money, this seems to be a highly intricate designed heist of stealing money, money laundering, paying off corrupt officials , himself, prisoners of prisons, corrupt politicians is my theory. This is just like all the other fraud schemes NEWSOM conducts. They intentionally diverted this money from the PPE to illegal unemployment benefits, When millions of citizens in have not received their unemployment.

5. Why did this happen in prisons? Many prisons are run by utterly corrupt major Private Corporations or by corrupt federal and state officials. See some articles below. It would be interesting to find out how many and what private prisons prisoners were involved.

• Anyway I’m not sure of the entire scheme or plot, but I’m sure this was a way for payoff to lots of people, maybe the payoff was releasing murderers, rapist, violent and insane incarcerated people unto CA, they were “hand chosen by NEWSOM” and prison officials”.

• Why would he release the worst of the worst be released, what’s the plan here? Are the building their own armies? ALL OTHER BLUE states that stated covid fears for releasing 100s of 1000s of violent prisoners in the US (possibly millions released).

• As a side theory: if all politicians and people involved with 2020 Election Fraud used this as a diversion knew (they knew they would get caught), what was this diversion for? I’m sure glad the military is involved.

•. Is it possible that the insane released from Prison in all states are triggered to attack citizens soon? An uprising, the ultimate coup not against Trump only but the whole of the US, which could be worse than stealing the presidency. Perhaps this is why the new law, EO was released from the DOD last week.

• I don’t know the ultimate reason this happened, but I know for damn sure, it wasn’t just some corrupt prisoners, NO, there was big money in this fraud

As you can see, I’m still in the formulation stage of any theory on why unemployment benefits went to “prisoners”, but it wasn’t a mistake. So anons I could use some help if you think it’s a worthy digg

I thought this post was interesting in relationship to the unemployment story

>>11772858 Edison May Cut Off Power to Southern California Homes on Thanksgiving to ‘Prevent Fires’

Private prisons: Research, data and controversies July 12, 2017

These are run by a handful of companies, including GEO Group and CoreCivic, which together booked $4 billion in total 2016 revenues. The purpose of this work is to examine the role and involvement of the two largest private prisons corporations in the U.S., Corrections Corporations of America (CCA) and The GEO Group Inc., in the immigration policy making arena. Recent news reported the role of the private prison industry in sponsoring and drafting Arizona’s immigration bill, Senate Bill 1070. Following Arizona’s SB 1070, 36 state legislatures proposed copycat bills. We find that both CCA and the GEO Group Inc. spent over 90 percent of their lobbying dollars between 2003 and 2012 in states that proposed AZ copycat bills.”


July 6, 2015 The three corporations that dominate the private prison industry

•Thirty years later, after mergers and scandal and the financial hurdles that come with them — three companies are the clear forerunners in privatized correctional facilities: Corrections Corporation of America, GEO Group, and Management and Training Corporation. All three were there in the early years (although GEO Group was going by Wackenhut Services in those days ). Note from anon, this company name IS important