CDC May Shorten Their “14 Day Quarantine” Recommendation …

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may soon shorten the recommended quarantine period for possible exposure to COVID-19 -in the hopes that more people will follow the advice, a report said Tuesday.

The agency is finalizing plans to cut down the suggested 14-day self-isolation period to between seven and 10 days, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The new guidelines would include a test to ensure a person quarantining is negative for the coronavirus, Henry Walke, a senior CDC official, told the newspaper.

“We do think that the work that we’ve done, and some of the studies we have and the modeling data that we have, shows that we can with testing shorten quarantine,” Walke told the outlet.

“Hopefully, people would be better able to adhere to quarantine if it was, for example, seven to 10 days.”

How much more evidence do people need to see that this is a Fraud?