Durham 2008


"“John’ s style is dogged and focused,” Mr. Clark said. “Because he is so intent on following the facts, he refused to become involved in any political dimension or detour.” He said Mr. Durham was undeterred by “certain roadblocks people wanted to put in the way.”"

"But he is best known for overseeing the federal government’s successful effort to take apart the brazenly corrupt situation in Boston, where a handful of crooked state police officers and F.B.I. agents worked with the mob headed by James Bulger. The situation, some of which was based on relationships forged during childhood in South Boston, was the inspiration for the Oscar-winning film “The Departed.”"

"He has been and remains, by all accounts, a man of moderation and some modesty. During his assignment in Boston, he relinquished the title of first assistant in the United States attorney’s New Haven office, demoting himself, because he was spending so much time away from Connecticut."

"Friends also attribute to Mr. Durham a kind of asceticism, which they connect to his Catholicism. Edmund Mahony, a veteran Connecticut reporter, wrote in The Hartford Courant that despite Mr. Durham’s devotion to the church, he was once so outraged when a priest testified as a character witness for a convicted Ku Klux Klan member that he complained to the bishop."