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John Fitzgerald Kennedy: May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963

In 1975 following an intensive 3 year investigation,the House Select Committee on Assassinations determined that President Kennedy’s murder was the product of a conspiracy.

The congressional committee’s lead investigators concluded that current and former CIA officials had masterminded JFK’s killing and coordinated the coverup including the Warren Committee investigation in which Alan Dulles-the former CIA director whom my uncle had fired played the leading role. Subsequent evidence shows that JFK’s death was more than a conspiracy; it was a coup d’etat. Fifty-seven years later,my uncle’s murder still matters because the powers behind the conspiracy continue to illegally withhold key documents,to lie about the assassination and to control our government.A week before my uncle’s inauguration,President Eisenhower,in his greatest speech ever,warned us that ,absent concerted resistance from an informed citizenry alert to all the milestones of approaching tyranny,the Military/Corporate/Intelligence apparatus would subvert our democracy,trample our rights and transform America into a National Security State. The JFK murder was the first violent step by this sinister collaboration.

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