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Senegal, Dark Winter & mystery disease

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Senegal, Dark Winter & mystery disease

Previous posts discussed concern regards smallpox-like lesions in Senegalese fishermen due Biden’s “Dark Winter” comment. “Dark Winter” = a simulation of a smallpox pandemic.

There is no evidence to support smallpox in these fishermen. The overall symptoms don’t match smallpox and so far are only seen in fishermen returning from the sea. There is no evidence of involvement of an infectious agent or signs of person to person transmission. Rather it appears the preliminary cause is related to some sort of toxic exposure according to the local authorities.

A map of the area includes the Port of Praia on the Island of Santiago which is in southern part of the Cape Verde Islands and seems a busy port. The area where the fishermen were fishing is not mentioned, but the Cape Verde water would seem the most likely. The authorities have halted fishing with a bad on going to sea until more information is available.

On FB a representative of the Senegalese Health Authorities provides additional information, however it is in Portuguese and the translation was not very helpful but did include word like

“suspected toxicology”,

“high probability that it comes from this industrial environment” and

“hope that these results will guide us clearly and not exclude the fact that we have a lot of spills in the euh treatment so to see if there is not an accident somewhere in that area.”

Link for any anon with better translating skills than this anon!


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Looks nothing like that mysterious smallpox to me.