THE SMARTMATIC'S DRAGONS' STORY: Acknowledging excellence and profesionalism

"So, we wanted to celebrate the heroes of the hour and we decided that the best way to do it was by creating a symbol: Smartmatic’s Dragon. This dragon needed to have certain physical characteristics and colours that showed its tenacity. It had to be a representation of the technical and operational excellence that engineers and specialists had shown; all our managers, coordinators and analysts who were immersed in great challenges and pressure, but who created the excellence that defines Smartmatic, excellence which seems to have no bounds.

Dragons possess a natural force that cannot be ignored. By definition, they are mythological beings, powerful and transformative, which go beyond human nature. They are avatars.

Dragons are also associated with yoga, since they represent the stream of universal energy that flows through the spine of all humans, called kundalini. Being visited by a dragon in dreams, or being drawn towards a fire-breathing one can signify the beginning of a spiritual and mystical awakening. "

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