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Version 6.0 of GEMS Chart

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Version 6.0 of GEMS Chart

Adds some additional details and corrects one important mistatement: it was Sequoia that was (allegedly) responsible for the 2000 problem with the paper ballots in Florida, not Smartmatic.

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>GEMS chart version 6

This chart is multi-sourced - it was originally created to show the big picture two weeks ago, when there was just a confusing mass election systems (none with easily identified owners).

Started with Beverly's Harris' "fraction magic" video as the basis for the chart:


Chart was gradually expanded as new info/articles turned up.

A lot of the information documented here can be found from this 2012 article by Jennifer Cohn:


Other sources:




Wanted to post this to correct an error, so the most updated version would be 'out there' (and it it 'out there' on Twitter, just saw it: https://twitter.com/BlueSky_Report/status/1329855713468936192 )