Well looky here, did a corporation search in GA for

• Dominion Voting Systems, the Registered Agent (company or person that submits corporation paperwork for approval), is Cogency Global, Inc.

• Cogency’s registered agent is Axis Research, Inc. In Roswell GA.,

• Axis Research Inc, the registered agent is David M. Holcomb

• did research for Axis Research online and they are a polling and strategy company for international clients. See below. After reading the info below is: all these registered agents for other companies don’t seem to be related to Dominion, unless they are, I’d be curious to find out how .

Axis Research seems related to a clown party. Fascinating to search records at Sec. of State sites.

About Axis Research

The core of Axis Research is a rigorous, uncompromising methodology that lets the data guide the way to smart, effective strategies – all built on hard science. With quantitative and qualitative solutions, Axis specializes in brand and reputation management, campaign strategies, identifying key audiences, and voter communication and messaging.

We aren’t limited to one methodology, a single research strategy, or the same bag of tricks. With our experience and background, we will custom-build the perfect research plan for your budget and needs.

Our Achievements

3 Presidential Campaigns

Polled over 17 winning Senate campaigns

Polled in 12 different countries

Moderated over 500 focus groups

Stopped 11 harmful tax increases from becoming law

Polled for 5 of the Fortune 25

9 years of daily nationwide public opinion tracking

Modeled the nationwide voter file with 12 different models for targeting voters for turnout and persuasion


Customized research to achieve your goals

Using the precision of science, Axis filters through all the noise and distraction to set a trusted path forward. We make sure you get it right—the first time. You won’t wonder what reactions will be to your message or your campaign – you’ll have hard data telling you exactly how you’ll be received and an approach to maximize impact.


Data Modeling & Tracking

Extrapolate findings to voters nationwide to target the right people with the right message.


Understand public opinion and the drivers behind it.

Focus Groups & In-Depth Interviews

Unlock in-depth insight from target groups of voters, consumers, or opinion elites.

Proven Experience

Whether it’s a ballot initiative, building a reputation campaign, generating support for new policy or new development, or even election to the highest office in the land, we’ve done it and know how to achieve success. Our experience includes taking on tough issues for a variety of top tier clients, including 2 of the Fortune 5 and 3 presidential campaigns.