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(Dutch Source) Dutch elections: unsafe, easily hacked

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Dutch elections: unsafe, easily hacked

Report and article 2019 about easily hacked Dutch elections.

Stuff was talked about in Dutch House/Senate.

Pen test etc was done. Report in second link.

The report says that after recommendations it looks better, BUT they stated that it only works if people stick to the recommendations, (do not loose your keycard, thumb drives?)

AND THEY DID NOT LOOK IF VOTES WERE TALLIED CORRECTLY.. that was not the scope of their report..

sure.. right. It's all in Dutch, but highly interdasting.

Question is: WHERE was Dominion (by any other name) used?

FRANCE comes to mind, where female Trump called Marine Le Pen surprisingly lost by a tiny margin from Deepstate assrag Macaroni.

Come on, Frogs… start digging into the French Dominion!




Report Pentest etc (dutch)


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additional info (DUtch Election software)

Foundation against hackable elections has been digging into this


To my great surprise I saw that local deep state hacks are working around the clock to get mail-in voting for elections in march 21. Oh well…

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Complete report (Dutch, PDF)



Archive offline, Dutch anons!

Come on, French Frogs and German Kraut anons! Find your local Dominion Variaty and NAIL THEM TO THE WALL!