Q said Symbolism will be their downfall.

I believe I found the symbolism

It ties back to Egypt. They are obsessed with Egypt. Gardiner did a symbol list for Egyptian hieroglyphs.

His listing gives the Birds a G designation. Where have we seen G before. The world has gone to the birds.

The Owl is the letter m in Egyptian. G17.

The list is huge but if you scroll down to the O4 symbol you'll see the Symbol on Epstein's Temple. It means Shelter.

Too big for me to Dig on my own, but the Symbolism will be their downfall certainly makes sense.

And as an added Bonus. Frogs are symbolic of the Flood.

Epstein Island was a shelter for the coming Sky Event. The Red Wave>The Red Tsunami..

The concrete filling was to STOP them from using it as a shelter.

Why are they called the Deep State? Because the SOB's went underground last time and 'emerged' to take over. They've done it over and over. Ancient cultures around the world speak of coming from the ground after the flood.

The Red Wave kills them. Demons hate red according to legends worldwide. It's why people decorate in Red. To keep the Demons away.

Nothing can stop what is coming because it is an SKY Event. It's cyclical. It is one of the reasons they can never get a foothold on this planet. God wins.

As an added note, the original pyramids did not have hieroglyphs. Those were added at a later date according to several scientists. There are no glyphs inside the pyramid. Were we pirated by the Phoenicians?

They've been using hieroglyphs because they were the only one with the playbook. It was not a dead language to them because they created it. No one else could read them.

Until we deciphered the Rosetta STONE. It wasn't complete but I think it was enough to give them an insight into what was going on. Is the Rosetta Stone the Keystone?