George Soros trumped American democracy by rigging election for Biden

By now, you have probably heard all about the Dominion Voting Systems technology that was used to rig the election for Joe Biden. As it turns out, there is actually a second technology known as Smartmatic, backed by none other than George Soros, that was also used in some states to steal votes from President Trump.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Smartmatic is a Soros-linked foreign entity that currently provides voting technology in 16 American states, including the key battleground states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. It was formed in the year 2000 and was used several years later to rig the 2004 Venezuelan election for Hugo Chavez.

When Smartmatic was first incorporated, a Chavez campaign adviser was placed on the company’s board, obviously for the purpose of scheming out how to use the system to produce a Chavez “win” four years later. Because this endeavor was a huge success, Smartmatic was then brought into the United States to bring about the same fraudulent results for Biden.

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown also sits on the board of Smartmatic, which is significant because he sits on the board of Soros’ infamous Open Society Foundation. Malloch-Brown is also a key fixture in the British House of Lords, also known as the upper house of the Parliament of the U.K.

What this means is that the 2020 election, and possibly others, was run by George Soros and the British empire, at least in the states where Biden conveniently eked past Trump in the final hour thanks to hundreds of thousands of mystery votes that appeared out of nowhere.

Malloch-Brown, by the way, is also tied to the United Nations, where he worked as deputy secretary-general as well as chief of staff to Kofi Annan, whom we reported is a major funder of the so-called Global Fund, along with U2’s Bono and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.