For Night Shift

Tick Tock

The timer has begun.. [-5]

A new battle has begun.

You may not see it yet but in time.

> You should now see this unfolding before your eyes. If you do not yet Open your Eyes and Elevate your view.

News Unlocks your maps.

> Have you made new maps regarding upcoming changes to FBI/CIA? Maps for Biden corruption? Make to so normies can comprehend… Spread far and wide.

Look back to understand what is coming.

> You will need new and updated maps to expose the truth. Maps are KEY! You are KEY! What is a Keystone?

Watch and see.

Red_Red_Red_Red_Red (Red 5 #4414) What is mirror of #4414, #4144

> Do you understand Red 5. And what it means? Markers everywhere.

Those who can see Know.

Be calm, Be Rational.

Do not be goaded, there is bait everywhere.

> Be Leaders not followers. You have WAY more than you know. Reveiw all to understand what is coming. Create a picture for others.

Use discernment.

Think for yourself.

> Do not allow the Hivemind to taint your ability to think on your own. Elevate your own view to bring others with you.

Did you see the Go8/Ministry of Truth trying to decide what could be thought and said?

Bad and Good are perspective. Reason will always prevail.

[-6] begins tomorrow. Many things will happen in the shadows. ALL ASSETS DEPOYED.

Remember NEWS unlocks your maps. SHOW THEM. for they struggle to hear and see on their own.

> WRWY! Then, Now, Forever!