Crusty Curmudgeon

Sometimes I think about the level of control they have, and it makes me want to spit nails. Some of us may think there is freedom, but more and more that is just an illusion. Consider the fact that you literally cannot leave your country without someone's permission. In lockdown conditions, your zone of travel may even be reduced to your state or city. Consider that where once they protected some asshole's right to burn the flag, they now take away your right to say what you want. Think it's not that bad yet? Think again. Canada, England, Australia, America you're next. Consider that the State, in their vast wisdom, makes it illegal to consume some herbs or plants grown in nature. What. The. Fuck. They can force you to wear personal protective gear, even when you are only risking yourself. Helmets, masks, seatbelts. They can steal funds right out of your account, should you miss a tax payment, and they can take away land that you own. Soon they will be forcing vaccines.

So the truth of it is, you cannot go where you want, or say what you want, or eat what you want, or wear what you want, or own what you want, or elect who you want, or even medicate how you want. Not really. Soon you won't even be able to THINK what you want. Am I wrong about that? We know DARPA is already working on it. They are already flirting with the idea of "pre-crime", similar to Minority Report. Remember the news recently about behavior profiles and being able to predict occurrences? Yeah that. Hell they already lock people up for having a "manifesto", or a "weapons cache", or images on a computer. There was a time not long ago when CRIMES meant that someone had to be HURT OR AGGREIVED. Merely thinking about something, or even fantasizing about something sick, never constituted criminal activity until recently. So we are right around the corner from the Thought Police, friends and neighbors, breaking down your door for something you haven't done. Think you will be able to get away from the facial cams, the gait analyzers, the retina scans, and location trackers? Shit, son. You could have some micro tracker in you RIGHT NOW and not even know it.

I admire those of you who choose to stay and fight the police state. Me, I reasoned out years ago that the only means of escape lay in 3rd world countries, where you could hopefully live well enough to have some comforts but without Big Govt. lurking everywhere. Hell, they can barely keep the electricity operational in many of these places. But at least the govt. is too fucking poor to do much of anything. No weaponized Skynet drones around here anytime soon. I would not advise this course of action unless you marry a local, or have family already there, etc. Most of the expats my age are fucking pathetic useless twats, incessant complainers and making excuses for the Plandemic. They will cling in their subdivisions and be the first ones to starve. No sir, you need to get somewhere with some self-sufficiency and a close-knit clan.

If I were in your shoes still in America, I would be getting land in Appalachia. Tennessee maybe, West Virginia. Out west maybe Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota. The best thing going for you is that for now you can still move between states, and choose one that matches your values and has other like-minded people. When Trump wins in November, I think you'll have a few more years to figure this out and get dug in. Maybe, if the Deep State doesn't light off WW3 by then. I hope I'm wrong, and GEOTUS brings us decades of peace and prosperity. My Bible says that's not really likely. Watch the sky. Watch the water. Have alternate access to comms. Prepare.