Teen accused of plot to kill Biden is son of late ‘Oscar Schindler for Tibetans’

Alexander Treisman arrested for alleged murder scheme, child porn; his father was prominent Jewish activist for Tibet who worked with Dalai Lama

JTA — The 19-year-old man who allegedly plotted to kill Joe Biden was the son of a prominent Jewish attorney who helped broker the first meeting between a US president and the Dalai Lama.

News broke Friday about the arrest in May of Alexander Hillel Treisman, a teenager who a court document says purchased an automatic rifle and traveled to multiple states, and who allegedly had a checklist in his car whose final item read “execute.”

He posted online about killing Biden, searched for the presidential candidate’s home address and drove to within four miles of the residence.

Treisman has also been charged with three counts of child pornography, according to court documents that were obtained this week by local North Carolina station WBTV and reported on Friday in The Washington Post.

He was apparently living in North Carolina at the time of his arrest and is being held in a US District Court in Durham.

Treisman is the son of a Jewish human rights activist and one-time Senate candidate in New Mexico. His father, Eric Treisman, was known for his work with Tibetan immigrants and was once called an “Oscar Schindler for Tibetans,” an allusion to the German famous for saving more than 1000 Jews during the Holocaust.

Eric Treisman died in 2009, days after finalizing his divorce from Alexander Treisman’s mother.

A close acquaintance of the family during Alexander Treisman’s childhood confirmed to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the man who was arrested was the son of Eric Treisman.

Alexander Treisman was indicted by a federal grand jury in September on the child pornography charges, but his alleged offenses are wide-ranging and reflective of a world of online social networks in which mass shootings and abusive acts are casually discussed, joked about and glorified.

According to the court document, he posted about assassinating Biden on iFunny, a social network popular with extremists, searched online for Biden’s home address and stockpiled weapons and ammunition that police found in a van he abandoned in a bank parking lot in the city of Kannapolis in North Carolina.